Welcome to Linked CrunchBase!

Crunchbase is an online platform collecting information about startups and technology companies, including attributes and relations of companies, people, and investments. Crunchbase' data is to a large extent not available elsewhere, making Crunchbase to a unique data source. By means of linked-crunchbase.org, we bring Crunchbase to the Web of Data so that its data can be used in the machine-readable format RDF by anyone on the Web.

Specifically, we provide a Linked Data API for Crunchbase, which serves as a wrapper around the Crunchbase JSON API.

Data Formats

Our Linked Data API supports JSON, JSON-LD, and RDF/N-Triples.


Please take note of the CrunchBase Terms of Service concerning the licensing of Crunchbase data.

Mappings to DBpedia

We provide mappings of organizations and mappings of people in Crunchbase to DBpedia.



To use our Linked Data API for Crunchbase, you have to authenticate to Crunchbase. To do so, enter your api key here (put the key in the username field and keep the password field empty). If you are not authenticated, only triples concerning the mapping to DBpedia are returned due to the licensing model of Crunchbase.

Example Linked Data API Usage

With curl:

curl -v -H "Accept:text/turtle" --header "Authorization: Basic {Base64-encoded key}" http://linked-crunchbase.org/api/organizations/facebook#id

Crawling RDF Data with the Linked Data API

A detailed description of how to crawl an RDF data set based on our Linked Data API is given on GitHub.

Due to licensing issues, we cannot provide a current RDF data set. An old data set from 2015 is provided online at Zenodo and licensed partly under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License 4.0 (CC-BY-NC) and partly under Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 (CC-BY).

Please take note of the CrunchBase Terms of Service concerning the licensing of Crunchbase data.

Source Code and Further Information

The source-code is available on Github.

A previous, outdated version of the Crunchbase Linked Data API is provided here.


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